Connecting the life sciences,
education, technology, and leadership

I seek opportunities to make sustainable and impactful changes to science and science education. My passion for equity and interdisciplinary learning and teaching has led me to explore laboratory research, curriculum design, community outreach, and online educational platform development. As an Ed.M. graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, I've continued to push the boundaries of science education, outreach, and communication, while acquiring additional interests in entre/intrapreneurship, leadership, management, organizational behavior, and corporate social responsibility. 

Areas of Practice


Molecular biologist with a strong foundation in biotechnology applications, with hands-on research experience in protein synthesis and folding kinetics.


Ed.M. graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education

interested in learning design, innovation, and technology.

Former Implementation Coordinator for LabXchange.

Teaching Fellow for Clinical Trial Research (BIOTE 215) and Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Learning (EDU A608).

Leadership + Entrepreneurship

Director of a biotech education program, providing strategic leadership, operational management, and fiscal management. 

Founder of µicroPAINT, a module that explores learner agency by combining biotechnology and art.           

Member of multiple advisory boards that interface between education and the life sciences sector. 

Former Director of the Harvard GSAS Business Club's Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Holds certifications from the Harvard GSAS Business Club Entrepreneurship and Mini-MBA programs. 

Advances in technology are not only having an incredible impact on how we develop and deliver innovative medicines to patients, but also in how we educate and inspire the next generation of scientists.

Robert Bradway

Chief Executive Officer of Amgen